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Symantec Drive Encryption 10.4 for Mac OS X Recovery Disk Images


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Drive Encryption


While the chances are extremely low that a boot.efi file could become corrupt on a boot disk or partition protected by Symantec Drive Encryption, it is possible. If this occurs, it could prevent your system from booting. Prepare for this unlikely event by creating a recovery CD before you encrypt a boot disk or partition using Drive Encryption on a Mac OS X system.

Note: To download the recovery image for your version, click in the Download Files section on this page.


This article includes the EFI recovery disks for Mac OS X system which is encrypted with Symantec Drive Encryption.

Download the image for disks encrypted with Symantec Drive Encryption 10.4 ONLY.  It is not recommended to use the Recovery images for Symantec Drive Encryption 10.4 on systems encrypted with Symantec Drive Encryption 10.3.2 and older.


Symantec Drive Encryption version 10.3.2:
To download the recovery images for Symantec Drive Encryption version 10.3.2, see article TECH214377.



SymantecEncryptionDesktop10.4.0MacOSX_WDE_Recovery.iso.cdr get_app