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Missing accounts, roles, policy and task icons, errors with filters, groups, targets and more after upgrade to 8.0


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IT Management Suite


The symptoms vary from server to server but some examples are:

  • Errors when looking at different Filters, Groups or Targets on the Manage> Computers page
  • Not seeing all Accounts or Roles or errors on the Accounts and Roles page
  • Missing policies and tasks or a large amount of icons.

The following error are typical of the issue, if they occurred during the upgrade.

  • Unable to configure the privileges from the XML node.
    <privilege guid="a2c6d6e5-dd3b-4377-bda8-fd61625e8083" displayGroupGuid="B3F3BC66-E529-4330-A0FE-65F271FE4C68" ordinal="601"><privilegeGrants><privilegeGrant role="00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" /></privilegeGrants></privilege>
    Unable to retrieve the trustees who have the specified privilege in the AeX database. Inner:System.Data.SqlTypes.SqlNullValueException: Data is Null. This method or property cannot be called on Null values.
  • Unable to move the specified item to another folder: 983a4a38-abba-49d9-b785-1dd1a9863b85, folder: cede1e9a-1ff4-4a1c-acc7-0b3e3b6cc564
    Security_spMoveSecurityEntity: Old parent sec_Entity should exist.
    SQL Exception details: code=50000, line=33, procedure=Security_spMoveSecurityEntity

  • Error moving Item guid 490a327f-34ca-4618-81f7-3fe975bee520 to folder guid 983a4a38-abba-49d9-b785-1dd1a9863b85. Folder does not exist.


During the upgrade the security was not transferred correctly from the old server. However it did not fail in a way that caused the upgrade process to halt.


This has been resolved in Symantec Installation Manager version 8.0.93 and later.    

Restore to a pre upgrade state, make sure that Symantec Installation Manager is at a version equal to or greater than 8.0.93 and run the upgrade again.