Unable to find "connector.jar" when configuring MQMonitor.
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Unable to find "connector.jar" when configuring MQMonitor.


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


 After installing Powerpack for Websphere MQ (MQMonitor), when trying to start the agent, receiving the error message below:


Missing connector.jar file(s) For location of this jar file(s), go through the "Obtain required libraries" section in the PDF Documentation. The program will exit now.

 Where can the "connector.jar" file be found that is referenced in the documentation? 


All IBM Websphere MQ 8.0 environments supported for use with CA Application Performance Management.


 In Websphere MQ 8.0, there is no connector.jar file, nor is that actual file truly needed. You can place any jar (as long as the jar is renamed connector.jar) in the classpath, and it will satisfy the requirement for the existence of the connector.jar file. Or, you can place the connector.jar file from a previous version of MQ (such as WebsphereMQ 7.5) in the classpath.

Additional Information

 Even though the connector.jar is not required to monitor MQv8, in MQMonitor there is a hard-coded check for the existence of that jar file. This requirement will be removed in a later release of APM.