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Multiple pop-ups display when users attach a Microsoft Office file that contains sensitive data to the OneNote store application


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent


When a Windows endpoint user attaches a Microsoft Office file that contains sensitive data to the OneNote application running in Windows Apps, and the notify response rule is used, multiple notification pop-ups display instead of only one. 


Multiple pop-ups display when OneNote running in Windows Apps is monitored through the Application Monitoring screen.


To prevent multiple pop-ups from displaying you add a file path filter.

To add a file path filter:

  1. Go to System > AgentsAgent Configuration in the Enforce Server administration console.
  2. Select an agent configuration.
  3. Click Add Monitoring Filter in the Filter by File Properties area on the Agent Monitoring tab.
  4. Select  for the filter action.
  5. Select
  6. Select File Path under File Attributes and enter the following filter: $LocalAppData$\Packages\Microsoft.Office.OneNote*\*.
  7. Save your changes to add the filter. You are returned to the Agent Configuration screen.
  8. Move the filter you added to the first position:
    1. Locate the new filter in the Filter by File Properties section.
    2. Select 1 in the order column for the new filter. 
    3. Click Save. You are returned to the Agent Configuration screen. 
  9. Send the updated configuration to agent groups:
    1. Click Apply Configuration.
    2. Select the agent group
    3. Click Update Configuration and click OK to confirm that you want to apply the agent configuration to the selected agent group.