Patch Management fails to utilize Proxy - FTP Settings
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Patch Management fails to utilize Proxy - FTP Settings


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


Downloaded the Import Patch Data for Windows (PMImport): Confirmed the process was successful as it accessed the proxy server via the settings implemented on the Console under HTTP Settings. 

However, when downloading Software Updates that pull from their vendor's FTP URL, specifically Adobe Acrobat Software Updates as outlined in KB 150156, via the Patch Remediation Center; the process fails to utilize the following settings as implemented:

  1. Configured the Proxy settings in Internet Explorer:
    • Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings; under Proxy server:
      • Enabled the check box: Use a proxy server for your LAN
        • Implemented specific settings for the environment
  2. Configured Proxy Settings to include specific FTP Settings on the Console > All Settings > Settings > Notification Server > Notification Server Settings > Proxy tab:

Download failed from: ''



Found the settings appear to be ignored when passing calls through Proxy even when specifying the settings: Use HTTP settings or Use FTP settings enabled.


This issue will be resolved in ITMS 8.0 HF2 release.

Possible Workaround:

  1. Open Regedit on the SMP Server.
  2. Drill down to HKLM\Local Machine\Software\Altiris\Patch Management
  3. Create new [DWORD] named: UseFTPPassiveMode
  4. Set HEX Value = 1
    • 0 = Off (Use Active Mode set by default)
    • 1 = On (Use Passive Mode)