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CSRF Protection Failure after saving Keyword List in Enforce Server


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Data Loss Prevention


Is there a character limit for keyword rules?


When attempting to save a keyword list that is too large, Enforce will throw a CSRF Protection error.  This kicks the user out of the policy management and, after clicking the "Return to Enforce" button, brings them back to their DLP home page.

**Please note: there are other causes of the CSRF Protection error, this just happens to be one of them.**


There is not a character limit but there is a keyword limit of roughly 20,000.  A keyword can consist of multiple words; in the DLP definition of "keyword" it is a comma or newline separated string.  If a keyword list of greater than 20,000 is needed then mutltiple rules can be OR'd together to cover the entire list.  For example, to cover 120,000 keywords a total of six or possibly seven policy rules would be required.