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Control Compliance Suite for Oracle: Job Exception Occurred,[Field] not found: [ORCL.CONFIGUREDDATABASES.ORACLEHOME]


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When importing Oracle assets from the network targeting UNIX assets or when collecting data from Oracle based assets - the job reports an exception:Job Exception Occurred,[Field] not found: [ORCL.CONFIGUREDDATABASES.ORACLEHOME]. Assets don't get imported and data does not get collected.


5/11/2016 2:22:39 PM,Job Exception Occurred,[Field] not found: [ORCL.CONFIGUREDDATABASES.ORACLEHOME],,racnode1:,UNIX Machine,,



The root cause is that in Control Compliance Suite (CCS) SCU 2015-3 a new field was added. When the CCS Application server has SCU 2015-3 applied but the collecting CCS manager does not - this error shows.



Make sure that the CCS Application Server and the CCS manager(s) are at the same SCU level, in this case SCU 2015-3. To check the SCU of an CCS manager, in the CCS console, go to "settings" -> "Map View" and right-click on the CCS manager in question. Select "Health and Status Details" and select "liveupdate" and then expand "Security Content Updates" - SCU 2015-3 would show as: CCS_SCU 11.10.10500:1050. The error would show if your manager is a lower version than that, for example on SCU 2015-2 (11.10.10400.1080).