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Checking Control Compliance Suite minimal SQL rights for the application server's service account


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Control Compliance Suite Windows


Need to check that the CCS Application server's service account has the correct, minimal rights in its SQL back end database.


Required minimal rights in SQL in order to have Control Compliance Suite work correctly.



The CCS back end databases (CSM_DB and CSM_Reports) can be created by the installation media (in which case the correct rights should have been assigned) or they can be pre-created by a DBA, but left empty, and would need the correct rights manually assigned to the service account.  Here is how to check those rights:


1.) Open Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio for the supported version of SQL on which you have installed Control Compliance Suite databases, and attach to the SQL server with sysadmin or other privileged account that can view rights assignments on this SQL server.

2.) Expand the Security folder underneath the server name in the left side panel, then expand the Logins folder underneath that.  The accounts allowed to connect to this SQL server should be visible.

3.) Locate the CCS Application server's service account, right click and go to Properties.

4.) In the "Login Properties" dialogue box for the service account, select in the left, top panel User Mapping.  On the right sideof this screen locate the CSM_DB and CSM_Reports databases.

5.) Click on CSM_DB to highlight it and view the database role(s) assigned for this service account at the bottom of the screen.  It must be the db_owner role or greater.  Repeat with CSM_Reports database which has the same requirements.

Here is a picture of these settings for the CSM_DB database in SQL Management Studio for SQL 2008 R2 version: