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Software Updates displayed 'Invalid' status


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


Distributed Software Updates via the Patch Remediation Center (PRC) and found the Client's Altiris Agent GUI > Software Updates tab displayed the Software Update in 'Invalid' status.

Confirmed the Client was communicating with the SMP Server and received the Software Update Policy in the ClientPolicy.xml.

Confirmed the Software Update Policy created without errors, yet the 'Available Packages' column count does not mirror the 'Updates' column count in the PRC.



refreshPackageStatusVerbose(): Package {GUID.EN_US} does not exist for update {GUID.EN_US} <Software Update Name>


Confirmed the Software Update associations from ProductID to AdvertisementID were incorrect due to manually merging resources via 'Resource Merge Rule' being executed from the Console > Manage > Jobs & Tasks > System Jobs and Tasks > Service and Asset Management > CMDB with the following configuration:

This merge process caused serious issues in the database as Core Resources became owner of Patch Components and associations were lost.


Worked through the process on TECH234691 to restore Patch Management Solution functionality. 

Found several Softare Update Policies remain unresolved by the resource association refresh in the automated process; worked through the attached 'Refresh ProgramID to specific AdvertisementID.docx' to restore the Software Update AdvertisementID to ProductID associations.


Refresh ProgramID to specific AdvertisementID.docx get_app