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Symantec Endpoint Encryption version 11.x database sizing.


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Endpoint Encryption


SQL DB size requirement for Symantec Endpoint Encryption version 11.x servers and clients?


Database Sizing:

There are two ways to implement the database in SEE:     

    Localhost install of SQL Express w/Advanced Services or full MS SQL.
    Remote install of “SQL Express w/Advanced Services or full MS SQL.

One Symantec Endpoint Encryption management server can support 100,000 clients, but this is also dependant on the database being used.  If you are using SQL Express (w/Advanced Services) running on the server itself, that number goes down to about 10,000.

Database sizing depends on a number of factors: configuration of the database, number of installed clients, number of computer objects in the AD forest, the number of registered users, etc. With the way the schema is created, the data file has an initial size of 800MB and can grow up to 10 GB in increments of 25MB. The log file is created with an initial size of 80MB and can grow up to 2 GB in increments of 20MB.

Note: The Database size can only be increased, not decreased.

Data File:

    Initial size 800 MB
    Maximum size 10240 MB (10 GB)
    Growth increment 25 MB


Transaction log File :

    Initial size 80 MB
    Maximum size  2048 MB (2 GB)
    Growth increment 20 MB


In general, internal testing has shown that for 30-40K simulated endpoints the database uses about 1-2GB of space (when both SEE-Disk Encryption and SEE-RME are deployed).