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Incident Description does not have line breaks and some HTML elements like <br> tags or quotes (") are shown in text.


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Workflow Solution ServiceDesk


Incident Description is not displayed properly, with problems like:
- Description does not have line breaks and shows <br> tags instead
- Quotes (") are shown encoded (&quot;) in text

To visualize, Description might look like this:




Instead of what it would be expected to look like:







Behaviour of 'Escape' setting in web part settings was changed in Workflow/ServiceDesk 8.0 but it remained enabled by default.


This issue is fixed in ServiceDesk 8.0 HF2.

Steps to resolve the issue:

  1. Log into Process Manager Portal with an administrator user
  2. 'Site Actions' (at the top right, left of the user name) > Page List
  3. Pages List in the left pane navigate to Process View Pages > SD Incident View
  4. Click 'Go To Page' (leftmost button in the right pane)
  5. 'Site Actions' > 'Modify Page'
  6. 'Site Actions' > 'Edit Page'
  7. Click the 'Edit' (notepad) icon on the affected web part - e.g. 'Description and Resolution'
  8. Uncheck 'Escape' setting in 'Behavior' section.
  9. Click 'OK' button at the bottom of the window.

The same steps are applicable to other pages - e.g. Process View Pages > SD Incident View (Basic) - or web parts - e.g. Ticket Overview in some cases - that exhibit the same issue.

Additional Information

216325 "ServiceDesk ticket description is cutting off"