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Clients are showing "maintenance windows are inactive" even when they have a maintenance window applied.


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IT Management Suite


The customer is experiencing the following:
At least 1 agent is showing that it IS in a maintenance window (MW) when it actually isn’t. If you look at the interface it looks like it thinks the time is incorrect. For example: The system time on the agent shows 5:45 am, but the MW says it’s in the 7 pm to 9pm MW time. Moreover, it is still obeying the correct MW rules and only installs software during the maintenance window.


Known issue.

"Maintenance Windows" alert is fine but "Network usage" alert  does not work correctly, it can work in some cases and do not in others. The worst thing is that not only alert does not work but also OnBlockoutStarted notification is not being sent correctly to the plugins or not sent at all. The alert uses the same notification, that's why it does not work reliable.


This issue has been reported to Symantec Development team. A fix has been delivered with our ITMS 8.0 release.

The blockout and throttle period starts and stops are now correctly notified to the plugins and UI (Agent settings page and alerts).