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Installing unmanaged agents on Mac computers


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This article describes how to install an unmanaged Symantec Endpoint Protection Small Business Edition (SEP SBE) agent on Mac computers.  This article assumes you currently have an active SEP SBE cloud management console.

Note: If you are completely new to SEP SBE, you can sign up for a free trial.


Getting started

  • Remove existing anti virus product
    • If you have previously installed any other anti virus product, then you should uninstall it to get the best performance from Norton Security for Mac. 
  • System requirements
    • To successfully install Norton Security for Mac on your computer, it must meet the minimum system requirements that are listed in this article: System requirements


Add Mac computer

To protect your Mac computer using SEP SBE cloud, you must first add a Mac computer from the SEP SBE management console. This step initiates the process to download and install Norton Security for Mac. You add computers one at a time.

Note: If you accidentally added a computer from a Windows computer, it is best to delete the computer from the management console and then read it from Mac on which you want to install the product.


To add a Mac computer

  1. Log on to SEP SBE management console from the computer you want to install the product,and then click the Computers page.
  2. In the computers page,on the top right corner of the page,click the Unmanaged Computers link
  3. In the Mac computers page,click Add Mac Computer
  4. Type a name that is useful and easy to identify. Mac is unmanaged and there is no connection between the name that is provided here and the computer that the product is eventually installed on.  
    • Note: When you add multiple computers, ensure that you provide names to differentiate from each other as the name is not validated for its uniqueness.
  5. Click Add. A license is claimed immediately after you click add.  
    • Note: The Retry download link can be used once for successful installation and is not applicable after it is used to activate the product.
  6. After you add a Mac computer from the management console>Mac Computers page, a new browser window opens.
  7. In the Norton page, you have two options:
    1. Standard download and install
      • Click Download to save the installation file, and then follow the on-screen instructions
    2. Email invitation to install
      • Send email invitation to the endpoint user, giving them the ability to download and install the product on their local computer. Endpoint user must read the email from the computer on which they want to install, and then click the install link that is provided in the email
  8. After installation, your product is automatically activated.
  9. Use the following link for more information about how to perform certain tasks, solutions to top issues, and common problems after you install Norton Security for Mac​


Deleting an unmanaged Mac computer

When you delete a Mac from the management console, the agent on the computer is deactivated and your computer is at risk and is no longer protected. Deleting a computer also frees up your license.

Deleting a computer from the management console doesn't automatically uninstall the product on the Mac computer. You must manually uninstall the product.

We recommend that you first uninstall the product and then delete the computer from the management console.

To ensure continuous protection, Symantec recommends you to keep your Norton product installed on your Mac.


Uninstalling Norton Security for Mac

See the steps in the following article to uninstall: Uninstall Norton Security for Mac