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Android Devices with Intel Atom Chipsets are not able to enroll into Mobility Suite.


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Mobility Suite


When a user attempts to open the Android Work Hub on a device running an Intel Atom chipset, the application opens and crashes to the homescreen.

Intel Atom chipset Android devices fail to open the Work Hub and are met with a white screen which crashes to the home screen. This is related to a "F/libc ( 5764): Fatal signal 11 (SIGSEGV) at 0xdead0000 (code=1)" error.



Mobility Suite 5.4.3+ uses the App Wrapper in the Work Hub. Since wrapping was not built for compatibility on Intel Atom Android devices, it no longer functions in the latest version of our product.


Older versions of Mobility Suite (5.0) that do not include the wrap code in the Work Hub will continue to function for MDM purposes on Intel Atom devices.