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Endpoints moved from one SMP to another SMP still query their old SMP when trying to download packages


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IT Management Suite


When redirecting or moving an endpoint from one SMP to another SMP, the endpoints will still query their old SMP for package information.

Description: GetPackageInfo.aspx was called from a non-managed agent 9069baea-1000-4560-966d-f9f2bbe375b4, the response will not be generated.


The software delivery secure store, located in the clients LDB folder at C:\ProgramData\Symantec\Symantec Agent\Ldb was not being cleared/updated properly.


This issue is resolved with 8.0 HF1 DOC9271


There is a point fix available for this problem attached to this article.  The point fix does include an updated agent and it will need to be deployed throughout the environment.  This point fix has been tested on ITMS 7.6 hot fix 7 environment.  The resolution is also included in ITMS 8.0 hot fix 1 and above.


7.6 HF7 SMA v3.7z get_app