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Filters, Targets, or Groups fail to load in the Manage> Computers section of the console


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IT Management Suite


Either nothing populates in the right-hand pane or just a spinning icon with no further progress.

This may happen to all or only select Filters, Targets, or Groups and is noticed most commonly with the All Computers group or All Computers filter. However there may be others, expecially if they contain a large subset of all computers.



A resource that has an invalid date value in tables that are being used for these views. 


This issue has been resolved in 8.0 HF2 - See release notes for more information DOC9343



The following query or attached report can be used to locate the problem computer or computers.

        when DATEPART (YEAR, [Client Date]) >= 9000 then 'Needs to be deleted or the value updated'
        when DATEPART (YEAR, [Client Date]) > 2030 and DATEPART (YEAR, [Client Date]) < 9000  then 'Possible problem'
     end 'Severit'
    ,ident.[Client Date]
    ,ident.[OS Name]
from Inv_AeX_AC_Identification ident
join vRM_Computer_Item c on c.Guid = ident._ResourceGuid
where DATEPART (YEAR, [Client Date]) > 2030

Once the computer or computers have been isolated the following are ways to resolve the issue.

  • If the computer is still active, you can use a task or manual interaction to send Basic Inventory.
  • Delete the computer from the attached results of the attached report after importing it into the console
  • If the computer is no longer active, you are unable to have it send basic inventory, or the list of computers is longer than would make sense for manual intervthen the following query can be run from SQL Management Studio to resolve the issue.

    Update Inv_AeX_AC_Identification
    set [Client Date] = GETDATE ()
    where _ResourceGuid = 'GUID OF THE PROBLEM COMPUTER HERE'


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