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Plugin shows out of date on computers due to the expected version being incorrect


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IT Management Suite


In rare circumstances after an upgrade the expected version for one more plugins may be wrong. There is not any known cause or circumstances that lead to this issue arising. The expected version being incorrect, specifically if it is lower than it should be, will lead to all agents showing up as out of date even after the upgrade policies have run.


To resolve this issue, we can update the expected version in the database. It is important that you make sure there is a current backup before making any changes directly in the database. 

1. Use the following document to verify what the correct version of the plugin is supposed to be:

2. Use the following query to find the plugin guid of the affected plugin/plugins

select distinct, svs.pluginguid, svs.version, from smpversions svs 
join vitem vi on vi.guid = svs.pluginguid 

3. Once you have the correct version and the plugin guid, use the following query to correct the expected version: 

update smpversions 

set version = '8.0.2298',build = 2298  -- Fill in with the correct versions and build number

where pluginguid = '73887285-562F-4720-A41B-B9987B2C2BD8'  -- Change to be the correct plugin guid. 

After correcting the expected version the health status of the agents will start to update over time, or as you click on them individually.