Compliance Report for Patch does not show result and unable to change the filter
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Compliance Report for Patch does not show result and unable to change the filter


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IT Management Suite Patch Management Solution


After deleting a few customized filters the association between a compliance report and a deleted filter got corrupted.
It happens only for those users that were using the deleted filter as his/her pattern.
The hyperlink presented in the past, to change the filter field, is not there anymore.

Failed when loading the Report View Control
Failed to retrieve DataSnapshots of a DataSource.
  [Altiris.DataSource.Exceptions.DataSnapshotLoadException @ Altiris.Reporting.DataSource]
  at Altiris.Reporting.DataSource.DataSnapshotColection.LoadFromDatabase()


A filter, that was linked to one of the following reports, was deleted:

  • Compliance by Bulletin
  • Compliance by Update
  • Compliance by Computer

The information about the filter used in a specific report is stored in the database which in turn is associated with the user.
Changing the user that is accessing the console (an user that didn't change the default filter) the issue will not be presented.


There is a necessity of cleaning the UserSettings table for that specific user.

CAUTION! Before proceeding with the following change is highly recommended (must do) that a Backup of the ITMS database is done.

Execute the following query on ITMS database, where the "domain\user" must be related to the impacted user:

declare @account nvarchar(50)
set @account = 'domain\User'
declare @accountSid uniqueidentifier
set @accountSid = (select Guid from vItem where Name = @account and ClassGuid = 'C41F55B8-8CEB-484A-8EDD-1F9F5515F661')
from UserSettings
where [Sid] = @accountSid