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System does not encrypt after installing Symantec Endpoint Encryption 11.1 Bitlocker Management package


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Endpoint Encryption


After creating the Bitlocker Management package for Symantec Endpoint Encryption 11.1 and installing it on an endpoint, the endpoint does not encrypt.


Bitlocker requires a small additional partition that it will use to store encryption data.  If the drive is not appropriately configured, it will not encrypt.


There is a built-in Microsoft Bitlocker configuration tool which can be used on a system to repartition the drive appropriately for use with Bitlocker, bdehdcfg.exe.  It shrinks the existing drive and creates a new partition, and should not result in data loss under normal operation.  An example command to resize/repartition the drive to work with Bitlocker is as follows:
bdehdcfg.exe -target default

This command should be run through an Administrator Command Prompt.  The -quiet flag can be appended to make this process invisible to the user as follows:
bdehdcfg.exe -target default -quiet

This command can be issued either before or after Symantec Endpoint Encryption is installed.  After the drive is repartitioned via the tool, it should register a user and begin encryption on the next reboot.  As it is a Microsoft tool, any issues encountered during the use of this tool should be directed to Microsoft.

A full list of the bdehdcfg.exe parameters can be found on the Microsoft site: