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Symantec SMP 7.6.x: 'Server URL', that is replicated with Targeted Agent Settings in Hierarchy, may contain URL of a Parent server.


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IT Management Suite


1.SMP 7.6  Hierarchy.
2. Go to Targeted Agent Settings and clone, for example, 'All Desktop computers (excluding 'Site Servers')'. Disable the original policy and continue to work with the clone. Enabled the cloned policy.
3. Go to Settings  
 Symantec Management Agent  
 Targeted Agent Settings

and tick "Specify an alternate URL..."

Note, that "Server URL" field contains the URL of the Parent NS.

4. Run complete replication and monitor what has been replicated to the Child.
-The default policy is disabled.
-The modified cloned policy is enabled.
-'Server URL' in 'Advanced' is the URL of the Parent!!!

After some time managed agents will start receiving the new policy and get redirected to the Parent.

No error messages.


Working as currently designed.


1. Administrators of Child Notification Servers  should be able to control alternate URLs via Hierarchy Editable Properties (
2. Deselect "Specify an alternate URL..." on a Child.
3. Refresh browser, now it should be possible to specify alternative URL.
4. Next replication cycle will not effect the configured values.

Symantec Engineering team is aware of the situation. An estimated delivery date of a fix / enhancement cannot be currently provided.