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Imaging Process Complete but no image was created


Article ID: 163090


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Ghost Solution Suite


You run a Create Disk Image job, the target computer boots into Automation, the agent appears for a moment, then it boots back to production without capturing an image. A message is displayed in the console: "Imaging Process Complete" indicating success, but no valid image file was created.


Invalid Command Line switches may be present that will cause this problem.  "> /dev/console" is not a valid switch in a Windows PE environment.


In the Ghost Solution Suite console:

  1. Click on the Create Image task that is failing
  2. Click Modify.
  3. Click in the additional Parameters field and scroll to the end.

If your automation environment is WinPE the very last thing that should appear in the Additional Parameters field is "-SURE". If you see "/dev/console" as a command line switch on a Windows PE environment it will cause this problem.

  1. Make sure your Automation Preboot Environment is set to a Windows PE environment, then toggle the "Imaging Tool" field to RDeploy, then back to Symantec Ghost.
    (This should set the command line switches back to default, check them to make sure.)

If the Automation Environment is set to "Default Automation" and you are seeing "/dev/console" it may be because your default boot option is a Linux based PE environment. You may want to change the Default Boot Option. Here's how:

  1. Start PXE Configuration Utility (even if you do not use PXE)
  2. Click the GSS tab
  3. Change the Default boot Option to be a Windows PE environment.