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All Microsoft Software Updates fail to install


Article ID: 163089


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


Software Update Cycle runs and fails to install all Microsoft Software Updates.

The Exit Codes display clearly that the Software Update is "Not Applicable" to the targeted client, however, the update confirmed targeting is in order per the details from Microsoft, and the Compliance Reports all display targeting IsApplicable. Furthermore, running the Software Update executable manually fails to install the update.

Exit Code: 0 (Success)

Exit Code: 0x80240017 (Not Applicable)


Found the Client's Windows Update components will not allow for any Software Updates to install whilst in the pending reboot state, for this state results in the Windows Update Tool no longer being able to distinguish applicability checks for all Microsoft Software Updates so they will not install. 


Work through following remedial steps:

  1. Reboot the affected Client and wait for the Windows System Assessment Scan process will execute upon restart and return Patch Inventories to the SMP to be processed to the Symantec_CMDB database
    • Allow for the NS.Windows Patch Remediation Settings scheduled task to run on the SMP and it will update the targets for Patch Management
    • Compliance Reports and targeting should be in order for the next Software Update Cycle
    • Check the Windows Software Update Delivery - Details Report to confirm the update has returned inventory to confirm IsInstalled=TRUE
    • If possible: RDP to the Client:view the Agent GUI > Software Updates tab to view current status, for this will help understand the process for the environment to ensure all other Clients are being updated
  2. If rebooting the Client fails to resolve the issue; RDP to an affected Client:
    • Check if the following exists: C:\Windows\winsxs\pending.xml:
      • If the pending.xml file is present then check the creation date, and if that creation date precedes the last Software Update Cycle date and reboot date chronologically you will need to implement the FIX IT provided by Microsoft to reset Windows Update components.

Advisory: The best practice for installing Microsoft Updates it to ensure the reboot is run as soon as possible following the Software Update Cycle, whether this is performed by Patch Management Solution scheduled policies or by the administrator via alternative methods. 

  • Reboot configurations via Patch Management Solution are detailed on 180589 - Section 5.