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Conduit log shows "Temporary Redirect" errors


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Messaging Gateway


The Messaging Gateway conduit log shows errors indicating that it is unable to fetch ruleset data from due to a failed temporary redirect.

2015-05-19T10:31:16+09:00 (ERROR:27335.2463053568): [12306]Error from web server 307 - Temporary Redirect : unable to GET:


This error occures when a redirect URL provided by the rules infrastructure no longer points to an existing update. This usually only occurs when a Messaging Gateway system has been offline for an extended period of time and the rule sets on disk are significantly out of synchronization with the latest rule data.


Since this generally only occurs when rule sets are significantly out of synchronization, the simplest means of resolving the issue is to for the Messaging Gateway to download the full set of rule data by deleting all rules on disk. Since this leaves the messaging gateway without an operating set of rules, it is best to pause message acceptance during this process:

  1. Log into the SMG command line interface (CLI) as admin using putty or a similar SSH client
  2. Pause message acceptance via the mta-control pause-mode pause-accept command
  3. Delete the existing rule sets via the delete allrules command
  4. From the SMG Control Center, force an antivirus definition update via the Malware -> LiveUpdate -> LiveUpdate Now button
  5. Monitor the rules on the system via the Status -> Hosts -> <hostname> page under the Conduit and Liveupdate components. Note: this page does not auto refresh
  6. Resume message acceptance when spam and antivirus rules are updates via the mta-control pause-mode resume-accept command