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Errors seen in conduit_log on 10.6.1 update


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Messaging Gateway


Following the update to Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG) 10.6.1, an error appears in the conduit log immediately following the update's system restart.

2015-10-20T15:02:37+05:30 (ERROR:6774.1541682944): [12034] Network error occurred, Problem with the SSL CA cert (path? access rights?) 
(77), check your network connection settings, check your proxy settings (if applicable), and check to ensure that port 443 (HTTPS) is open 
through any relevant firewalls.
2015-10-20T15:02:37+05:30 (WARNING:6774.1541682944): [12244] Error while trying to send file reporter.6774.1445333557.xmit.


The Messaging Gateway conduit process is attempting to load the updated trusted certificate authority list before the list has been fully built.


This is a temporary error which may appear immediately following update and can be safely ignored. In the unlikely event that the error persists and Messaging Gateway fails to download new rules following the update, please contact Symantec Technical Support.