How do I install PTF RO98127 ?
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How do I install PTF RO98127 ?


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Applying PTF RO98127

On the download site there is RO98127. It looks like its for zOS but when you look at it, it is a UNIX stream?


Reviewing PTF's on Support online


On CSO for PTF RO98127, there is a OS, CMS, and DOS version, but 
they all refer to the UNIX stream. 
 They are all marked PE.

There is going to be a replacement fix for this. 
There wasn’t a SYSPTF component code for Easytrive on Linux PC. but we are now able to get a new code defined.

Additional Information

With regards to a PTF PE showing up on CSO. 
they don’t go away. 
The new fix will SUP it. 

PTF RO98605 for STAR problem EZTRLP 20 is now published as available. 


It supersedes: RO98127 – which had incorrect operating system information.