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FEATURE REQUEST: Support 3rd Party Software "Trusteer Rapport" with Symantec Encryption Desktop's FileShare Encryption


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When Trusteer Rapport is installed on a machine that also has the Symantec Encryption Desktop with the FileShare Encryption piece installed, Microsoft Word is unable to save .doc and .docx files. Word will create 0kb file that will then be deleted when Word is closed. Updates to files that have already been created are not saved either. 

Trusteer Rapport is a Third Party Software and we do not test for compatbility.

This Feature Request is to resolve this software incompatibility so that Syamtnec Encryption Desktop can be installed alongside Trusteer Rapport.


Support has found this to be a software conflict between Trusteer Rapport and the FileShare portion of the Symantec Encryption Desktop software.


Symantec Corporation is committed to product quality and satisfied customers. This Feature Request is currently being considered by Symantec Corporation to be addressed in a forthcoming version of the product. 

Technical Support filed a Feature Request to add this product feature. Note that a feature request is exactly that, a request. There is no committed date for this request from the Endpoint Encryption Product Management team, nor from the Endpoint Encryption Engineering team at this time.

Please be sure to refer back to this document periodically as any changes to the status of the request will be reflected here.



PGP Services can be disabled while saving Microsoft Word files. This should allow files to be successfully saved.


If the FileShare portion of the software is not being used, Install Encryption Desktop without the FileShare piece.

  1. Decrypt (if necessary), and Uninstall Encryption Desktop
  2. If you have the Standalone installer (.exe), you will need to extract the .msi file by folowoing the instrctions found in TECH167331. If it is a managed Installer (.msi) from the Encryption Management Server, you can skip to the next step.
  3. Refer to HOWTO84112 for instructions on how to use MSI Switches to disable components during installation. Install Encryption Desktop with the Netshare component disabled.
    An Example of the command that you will use:
    msiexec /i <Path to Encryption Desktop .msi file> PGP_INSTALL_NETSHARE=0