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ATP VE bootstrap fails to raise management interface during initial install


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After deploying Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Virtual Edition (VE) to ESX server, then providing valid network information during the initial bootstrap, the ATP VE install fails to raise the management interface.

  • Messages similar to the following will appear on screen during the bootstrap

    ERROR ERROR parsing output line: ERROR: Error creating CInterfaceConfig
    INFO ERROR: Error creating CInterfaceConfig

  • After bootstrap completes and reboots the ATP VE instance, output from the status_check command will contain multiple occurrences of the phrase "Management port is inactive".


Corrupt OVA file



  1. Confirm integrity of the OVA file
  2. If necessary, re-download the OVA and repeat step 1.
  3. Delete the copy of the OVA from the ESX server.
  4. Transfer the OVA to the ESX server
  5. Re-deploy the OVA


To confirm the integrity of the OVA file

  1. Download the OVA
  2. Extract the OVA from the archive
  3. Identify the filesize in bytes using the dir command
  4. Generate MD5 and SHA-1 hashes with the fciv.exe utility from Microsoft, available on microsoft's website, here: Availability and description of the File Checksum Integrity Verifier utility (MSKB 841290)
  5. Compare the file attributes to the table below
Version Filename Filesize (bytes) MD5 hash SHA-1 hash
2.0.1 atp-2.0.1-119-ve.ova 1,614,376,960 53b362c826900da24959adf06f238d1c 40cf3f1ce90b623bc6f234eb8f3450a808b679c3
2.0.0 atp-2.0.0-1276-ve.ova 1,510,543,360 779d9b19cbcb9102536de6e5aee04363 18dd3fd4c2a614c389dc02496feb2c1da374af2b
1.0.2 1,165,775,331 37ac085282dbac06b87d2c9d25e62de4 eeb6cf3b123e8f26c6ddad96ebfb91fcc3113de0
1.0.0 1,153,835,008 f0b4df6fa4d16d4d1451426b97cb6599 441b83b8c8d7eebced357373490c5811ba420b6a