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Installed products do not show configured in the SIM


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IT Management Suite


Customer is having a hard time getting SIM to show what is configured. When SIM launches, it shows that all the products as installed but not configured.

If the customer runs a reconfigure via SIM, it finishes and everything is fine (everything appears as configured). But as soon as he closes and reopens SIM he gets back to the
same not configured state.

When SIM loads everything appears as a reconfiguration is needed.

In the NS logs you may see the following warning/messages (any of one of these):

Message 1:
The following error occurred while querying for configured products. This is normal if this is an initial installation of the NS/Platform: Error querying
DB. Altiris.NS.ContextManagement.DatabaseContext could not be loaded.
Process: SymantecInstallationManager (7840), Module:SymantecInstallationManager.exe
Source: Symantec.Installation.Managers.ProductListingManager.SetInstalledProducts

Message 2:
Exception: Timeout expired. The timeout period elapsed prior to obtaining a connection from the pool. This may have occurred because all pooled connections were in
use and max pool size was reached.

Process: SymantecInstallationManager (36220), Module: SymantecInstallationManager.exe
Source: Symantec.Installation.SQLAuth.GetProductGuidsOfConfiguredItems


Message 3:
GetProductGuidsOfConfiguredItems failed
Connection Timeout Expired.  The timeout period elapsed while attempting to consume the pre-login handshake acknowledgment.  This could be because the
pre-login handshake failed or the server was unable to respond back in time. 
The duration spent while attempting to connect to this server was - [Pre-Login] initialization=21030; handshake=1; 


Environmental, most likely network latency. In this particular situation the communication between the SMP and SQL Server was delayed. SIM first attempt to establish a connection was too slow in getting a response from the SQL server.
Most of the SMP code has multiple SQL connection retries logic on it. With SIM, it is very limited. In order to overcome this environmental constrains, SIM required some adjustments in the SQL Connection creation code.


Symantec Dev team has added the following changes in SQL connection creation code in order to bypass this network latency.

These changes are available with SIM 8.0 HF1 DOC9271

- Added 5 retries that will be performed with some delay (default 5 sec, can be overridden from registry):
- Added ability to override default connection creation timeout.

New regkey created for SIM SQL connection:
Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Altiris\AIM create DWORD "DBRetryTimeout" and set it to 15 (time out between retries in seconds).

Under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Altiris\AIM create DWORD "DBConnectionTimeout" and set it to 120 (connection creation timeout in seconds)