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FEATURE REQUEST: During a client upgrade from 11.0.x to 11.1.x, Autologon settings should be honored on the first reboot.


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Endpoint Encryption



Pre-Boot Authentication appears on the first reboot after upgrading a Symantec Endpoint Encryption Client from version 11.0.x to 11.1.x. This is true even when a new Autologon package is installed and enabled prior to that first reboot. After the first reboot, Autologon functions as expected.

This request is to allow Pre-Boot Authentication to be bypassed on the first reboot if an Autologon package is installed and enabled prior to the first reboot and after upgrading the client package.


With the move to the new Unified Client Installer, during an upgrade of a Symantec Endpoint Encryption client from version 11.0.x to 11.1.x, if the machine is using the Autologon Utility, it is uninstalled along with all other Endpoint Encryption components (i.e. Management Agent, Drive Encryption etc.). Then the new unified "Symantec Endpoint Encryption Client" package is installed. This is different from previous versions where each piece would be upgraded in place. Due to the previous version being uninstalled, the service that checks the Autologon settings is stopped and does not get restarted until after the first reboot. Because of this Autologon settings are not honored and the Pre-Boot Authentication is presented on the first reboot after upgrading. Autologon settings should be honored on subsequent reboots.


This Feature Request is available in the following release:

  • Symantec Endpoint Encryption version 11.1.1 MP1

This version is available for download via your account on Symantec File Connect

Process for upgrading SEE Client and Autologon Utility with version 11.1.1 MP1 and above:

  1. Upgrade the SEE Client (Do not upgrade Autologon Utility yet)
  2. Reboot the machine (The PBA should be bypassed as expected)
  3. Upgrade the Autologon Utility
  4. Reboot to complete installation