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DS 6.9 Jobs with certain conditions do not import properly into GSS 3.x


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Deployment Solution Ghost Solution Suite


Certain conditions on jobs do not transfer correctly during import/export or upgrade from Deployment Solution 6.9 to Ghost Solution Suite 3.x

Some notable conditions are OS bit and Bios Version. For example, these conditions created in DS 6.9 job:

  • Bios Version > contains > 123
  • OS bit > Is > 32
  • OS bit > Is > 64

After importing the job with these conditions exported from DS 6.9 into GSS 3.x, the same conditions become:

  • User Defined Token > contains > 123
  • Processor Type > Is > Power PC
  • Processor Type > Is > Unknown

Reverse is also true for jobs exported from GSS 3.x and imported into DS 6.9.


This is a known issue that is being investigated by Symantec.


Conditions must be recreated after the job is imported or the system is upgraded.