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'AddCertToCertificatesStore() returns FAILURE!!! in automation after upgrade to DS 8.0


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Deployment Solution


When a customer upgrades a  SSL DS 7.x environment to SSL DS 8.0 and then boots a client system into automation the SSL certificates will not be downloaded.

'AddCertToCertificatesStore() returns FAILURE!!!


In DS 7.x when a pfx or XML file is downloaded in automation it uses the file name below:

DownloadFile64.exe https://<Notification_Server_Name>:443/Altiris/NS/nscap/bin/Deployment/Certificates/SSLConfig_NS.pfx

In 8.0 when it attempts to download the pfx or XML files certificates that were imported in 7.x will work if the preboots have not been recreated. 

If the preboots have been recreated they will use the name below:

DownloadFile64.exe https://<Notification_Server_Name>:443/Altiris/NS/nscap/bin/Deployment/Certificates/SSLCertificate_NS_80.pfx


After the upgrade on the notification server  do the following:


1) Open the NS console and target the  ‘extract ssl certificate (x64)’- install’  (or x86) to the NS and all site servers.

2) Recreate any existing preboots


Note:  This information is in the release notes.