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Symantec Endpoint Encryption Removable Media Encryption CD\DVD burning process


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Endpoint Encryption


How Symantec Endpoint Encryption (SEE) CD\DVD Burner tool works.


There are two ways to burn files using Symantec Removable Media Encryption CD\DVD Burner application : -

  1. If your workstation is protected by a policy of encrypting all files written to removable media or of encrypting new files written to CD/DVD media, the files that you burn will be encrypted.
  2. Locate the files and/or folders that you want to burn in Windows Explorer or on your desktop. Drag them to the Files and/or folders to be burned list. During this process the Symantec Removable Media wrapper will add header to all these files and begin encryption.
  3. While initiating the data burn process, the CD\DVD Burner application will first attempt to store its temporary data directory on the drive of the operating system. It checks the TMP, the TEMP, and then the USERPROFILE environment variable in succession. It will use the first variable it finds. If it could not find any it will use Windows directory.
  4. Files that gets the header and encrypted will be burned and written in the CD\DVD. This is password protected.

Please refer to the Symantec Removable Media policy guide for understanding the policy structure.