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PMImport fails to complete after disabling Vendors


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Patch Management Solution for Windows


Disabled check boxes for exclusions on the Import Patch Data for Windows (PMImport) > Vendors and Software section, enabled the setting 'Delete previously downloaded data for vendors, software and languages that are now excluded' and executed the process as seen here:

Found the process fails with exception errors in log viewer.


Description: Exception occured while executing task c27dbb50-6ddf-4125-87c1-d8f5b588491d. Unable to cast object of type 'Altiris.SoftwareManagement.Resources.SoftwareUpdateResource' to type 'Altiris.PatchManagementCore.Resources.PatchSoftwareUpdateResource'.


Software Management associations, or other resources, have become associated to the Patch Software Release that is being disabled and the process is unable to clean-up the improper associations.


Work through the following to resolve this in the SMP Console:

  1. Import the attached custom SQL report: Improper Associations Linked to Patch Software Release.xml
    • ​​Go to the Console > Reports > All Reports > Software > Patch Management
      • Highlight the Patch Management Folder in the left-pane tree
      • Right-click > Import; select the above named report in the popup and Save
  2. Open the Improper Associations Linked to Patch Software Release Report:
    • Highlight one single result row
    • Right-click > Actions > Edit Software Resource
  3. From the opened 'Edit Software Resource' page:
    • Go to the Associations tab
    • On the 'Association Type:' dropdown; select 'Updates'
    • Highlight the row of Name and select the red 'X' to delete the improper resource association
    • Click 'OK' at the bottom of the page
  4. Repeat steps 1. & 2. as much as needed to clear the improper associations.
  5. Run the PMImport with desired settings when all improper associations have been cleared via the steps above.

This issue is resolved with 8.0 HF1 DOC9271


Improper Associations Linked to Patch Software Release.xml get_app