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Control Compliance Suite License Functionality


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Control Compliance Suite Control Compliance Suite Standards Server


Control Compliance Suite (CCS) License functionality details.


CCS 12.x


Following are the main CCS 12.x License Functionalities-

  1. CCS Core Required for Application Server & Directory Server components installation/functionality.
  2. CCS Database This license is used to metering of database, Oracle, Sybase, DB2, etc.
  3. CCS Server This license is used to metering of Servers. Windows, Linux, UNIX Operating systems are covered using this license.E.g. – Windows 2016, 2019, RHEL 7, AIX, Solaris, SUSE, UBUNTU, etc.
  4. CCS User This license is used to metering of Desktops.  (May not be use anymore, and all licenses are under CCS Servers)
  5. CCS Maintenance This License is required for installing Product Updates and Content Updates using the Live Update feature of CCS.
  6. CCS Entitlement This license is used for Entitlement Manager functionality.
  7. CCS Policy Manager This license is used for Policy Manager functionality.
  8. CCS Risk Manager This license is used for Risk Manager functionality.
  9. ESM Product This License is metered when we do Agent Based Message Based Data collection via the ESM(Enterprise Security Manager) Manager using the ESM Policies.
    • NOTE: ESM or Message Based Data collection is End of Support (EoS) and is no longer used or supported.