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ServiceDesk email monitor not retrieving inbound emails.


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- Emails sent to the ServiceDesk emailbox are not creating cases.

- When checked the ServiceDesk email box has one or more old emails.
- ServiceDesk is otherwise functional and incidents can be created via the Submit Incident (advanced) or Report Incident forms.
- Emails were being pulled until recently
- The Email box credentials have not changed.


SD.Email.Monitor log rolls all 10 logs with the references to the same email.


In this case the root cause was a ServiceDesk tracking ID from another ServiceDesk installation. This passed the format test as a valid guid but the process exceptioned when checking the SD database for the incident to attach the email to. This hung the email monitor and no other emails could be pulled.


As with most email issues with these symptoms deleting (or moving) the email mentioned in the log from the ServiceDesk email box resolved the issue and allowed emails to be retrieved again.