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SBSService.exe service hangs or crashes on a daily basis.


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Deployment Solution


SBSService.exe service hangs or crashes on a daily basis.

The symptoms are a tad different depending on the environment but the common thread seen most often is that the SBSServer fails to respond to data coming in on port 4011.


Previously whenever network socket errors that weren’t expected were being detected, the SbsServer.exe service was restarting the UDP socket connection that detected the error. However, there is another component in the code that monitors the socket called the “Completion Port”. This is a handle that would flag an event whenever something came in on the linked UDP socket.

In a few other scenarios where the problem is with the UDP socket no longer responding, the “Completion Port” is not signaling events when UDP traffic is hitting the UDP port. This meant that if a packet came in, the PXE server never handled the data.


This issue is resolved in Deployment Solution (DS) 7.6 Post Hot Fix (HF) 7 Rollup TECH234364.

Two changes were made to address the issue:

  1. The "Completion Port" is rebuilt and relinked every time the UDP socket connection is closed and remade.
  2. A network monitoring thread was added that periodically checks the health of the UDP socket and when it detects an error it rebuilds the socket.