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0k task and package server PFX files are created when a client is in an automation preboot


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When a customer boots an SSL system into automation if the PFX files cannot be downloaded, the downloadfile32/64.exe creates a 0k PFX file.  This causes confusion with customers and support engineers.

0k PFX files are created in automation and the DStasks.log show that the files downloaded when it did not.


Because of the method used by downloadfile,  a 0k file is created if the PFX file isn't downloaded.


This issue is resolved in the DS 7.6 post hotfix 7 rollup TECH234364.

Two changes were made:

1) The logging in the dstasks.log file was modified so that it correctly shows that the PFX files failed to download

2) The pectagent.exe now removes the 0k files after they are created