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How to add drivers that have compressed files (dl_, sy_, ca_) as part of the driver into the drivers database for use with DeployAnywhere driver retargeting


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Deployment Solution


Drivers that have compressed files as part of the driver package cannot be imported into the driversdb for use with DeployAnywhere

The DriverManagement page will simply show that the drivers cannot be added.


The executable that is used by Deployment Solution to import drivers into the drivers database (drivermanager.exe) does not currently have the ability to extract compressed files.  Any driver- usually video drivers- that compresses files to save space cannot be imported into the driversdb.


Solution: Extract the files manually before importing the driver into the driversdb.

1) Extract the driver package to a location on the NS hard drive

2) Set Windows explorer so that it shows extensions

3) Install a zip utility such as 7-zip to the NS.

4) Browse to the location where the driver files are located (E.g.  For a video driver it may be 'display\b180020')

5) Locate all the files that contain an underscore (_) as the last character in the extension (dl_, sy_, ca_) and select them.

6) Right click on the files and select '7-zip >extract here'

7) The files will extract and will now have the correct extension for use by drivermanager (dll,sys,cab)

8) Delete all the compressed files.

9) Import the driver into the driversdb from the console.