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Clicking 'Initial Deployment' in 'Predefined Computer Confirmation' dialog discards the selected predefined computer and creates a duplicate computer resource.


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Clicking 'Initial Deployment' in 'Predefined Computer Confirmation' dialog discards the selected predefined computer and creates a new computer resource.

When predefined computer is defined with only host name a list of host names is displayed in automation for selection - 'Predefined Computer Option' dialog. After selecting a predefined computer from list, a confirmation dialog is shown - 'Predefined Computer Confirmation' - that includes 'Initial Deployment' button. When 'Initial Deployment' is clicked, the selected predefined computer info is not used and a new computer resource is created.


This is working as intended, the disconnect between what you would expect to happen and what actually happens comes primarily from the place 'Intial Deployment' button is presented.


When you PXE boot the machine and select the predefined hostname from the list ('Predefined Computer Options' dialog), agent actually goes to SMP and checks if the machine is predefined (and thus, managed). If it is, the status window at the bottom of this dialog will show computer GUID.

Next dialog that opens is 'Predefined Computer Confirmation', which gives choices to Continue, Back or Initial Deployment. While the first two are self-explanatory, 'Initial Deployment' is a little out of place here. When you click on 'Initial Deployment' button, all knowledge about the predefined machine is dropped and agent reverts to Initial Deployment process that inherently works with unknown computers and is expected to create a new computer record.

This does not happen when computers are predefined with MAC address. This is true, in a way. When computer is predefined with MAC address, the MAC address will be automatically detected when agent starts and client proceeds to predefined machine process, skipping the selection and confirmation dialogs entirely - not giving you a chance to click on 'Initial Deployment' button. In terms of these dialogs, this equals to selecting the correct predefined computer record and then clicking Continue on confirmation dialog.

It is also worth noting that the list of tasks/jobs displayed is different depending on whether you click 'Continue' or 'Initial Deployment'. The Task/Job selection displayed when detected by MAC address or clicking 'Continue' is a list of jobs defined for Managed Computers - 'Re-Deployment (Managed Computer) Menu' section in Settings > Deployment > Initial Deployment. When clicking 'Initial Deployment', the jobs listed come from the same settings page but a different section - 'Initial Deployment (Unknown Computer) Menu'.