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DCS: Symantec Threat Protection service displays Warning in Service Deployments


Article ID: 162958


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Data Center Security Server


In vCenter's WebUI, when viewing service deployments under Network and Security, the Symantec Threat Protection service shows Warning.


Once the Symantec Virtual Appliance (SVA) is successfully deployed, the DCS:Server automatically sets the status as Warning.
During this time the SVA is Initializaing and it may take some time to complete.

After the SVA is deployed and initializing the DCS:Server checks every 5 minutes for the current status.
This is a list in order of what is checked:

  • SVA Health = Green
  • AV service is running
  • Content Manager service is running
  • Network Security service is running
  • Integrity check passed on the SVA
  • LiveUpdate - AV and Network security definitions are available