Automatic Cancel job by time
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Automatic Cancel job by time


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FAQS - Automated Systems Operation


We are looking/searching for a possibility to execute a CANCEL pp command for specific Jobs which are running longer then a specific Time amount. 
We tried with FAQS/PCS Event definitions like: 
set the Command ===> OP CANCEL F6,NODUMP,Max Run Time ===> 0001, X Power Job, Condition Value ===> DECA* and tried a lot of variations. But we are not able to have FAQS/PCS cancel the job. 



Release: FQ/FL.00100-5.1-FAQS-Automated Systems Operation


This can not be done by FAQS/PCS. 
FAQS/ASO Console Message Action can be created to catch message: 

// JOB jobname 
in this Console Message Action specify: 
Command Delay ( __ : __ ) time for the time the CANCEL Command should be Delayed. 
Online Help for this field shows. 
Command Delay ( __ : __ ) MM:SS 

This field allows you to delay the issuing of a command for the specified 
amount of time in minutes and seconds.