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Monitor Plug-in Fails to Install with Exit Code 0 or 1603


Article ID: 162948


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Monitor Solution Monitor Pack for Servers


The Monitor Solution Plug-in fails to install on a client machine. The agent shows that the install task failed with exit code 0, however the agent logs show that the install task failed with exit code 1603. The Plug-in fails to install when run manually as well.


Most likely there are left over files or registry keys from a previous Monitor Plug-in installation preventing the install.


Download and run the Microsoft Fixit tool:

When prompted by the wizard specify that there is an installation problem and select the Monitor Plug-in as the software with the installation problem and then the Fixit tool will cleanly uninstall the Monitor Plug-in. After that the Monitor plug-in should install successfully. 

It may be necessary to run Fixit tool to fix Pluggable Protocols Agent as well.