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Create new content site fails when Protection for SharePoint Servers (SPSS) 6.0.6 is installed on Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010


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Protection for SharePoint Servers


An error is display when trying to create a new site in Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 when SPSS 6.0.6 installed.



Error: could not create a new content site for /workspaces/##/## because the spweb object did not contain the Symantecprotectionforsharepointserver feature.


Feature.xml file for 'SymantecProtectionForSharePointServer' feature is not getting updated with the proper dll version. The site creation fails as a result of the dll will failing to load as a result of the invalid x ml entry.


The issue was resolved in SPSS 6.0.7 and upgrading to this version is the recommended issue resolution.   More information is available on page 11 of the release notes.  The release notes are available here:

If Installing SPSS 6.0.7 is not possible, using this workaround resolves the issue in SPSS 6.0.6. 


  1. Stop the IIS
  2. Go to <OS drive>\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\FEATURES\SymantecProtectionForSharePointServer\
  3. Open the feature.xml file and update the version value of ‘Symantec.SPSS.AdminConsole’ assembly to from
  4. Save the feature.xml file
  5. Start the IIS