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Assets and Credentials Requirements for Raw-Based Data Collection on Oracle databases using Control Compliance Suite


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Control Compliance Suite Exchange


This article describes the requirements for assets and credentials to add in the CCS Console, in order to successfully collect data from Oracle databases, using the raw-based data collection with Symantec Control Compliance Suite 11.x.


For agentless data collection on Oracle database assets, a user does not have any way of knowing which check will require OS credentials, or Oracle database credentials, or both.

Therefore, Symantec states this as a requirement in the CCS Planning and Deployment Guide, to add both a database asset and an OS asset (for the server where the Oracle database resides) and also to configure appropriate database credentials and OS credentials for those assets.

This is because checks can have a mixture of datasources, like UNIX file and Oracle datasources (in the case of Oracle server installed on a UNIX OS).

This applies whether data collection is performed, based on a standard, or a simple (ad-hoc) query.

Note: For agent-based data collection, the OS credentials do not have to be configured in the CCS Console, but the Oracle database credentials still need to be added.