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Reconnect the Application Server with the Control Compliance Suite databases


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How to reconnect the Application Server with Control Compliance Suite (CCS) databases when the IP and Hostname of the remote SQL Server hosting the CCS databases is changed.


Backup the CCS ADAM and SQL databases and keep it at a safe location.

See Backing up the CCS ADAM and SQL databases

  • Make sure that you have consulted Microsoft before changing the IP and the Hostname of the SQL Server. It should not have any impact on the existing databases. The databases need to be up after this change. Involve a SQL DBA if required.
    1. Once the change is done now you have two options to update the SQL Server settings on the Application Server.
    2. Make sure that the CCS Console is up and running while you change the IP & the Hostname of the SQL server.
    3. Once done, within the CCS Console-

Navigate to Settings > Secure Configuration > Production Database Connection,Enter the new SQL Server details and Update

Next,Navigate to Settings > Secure Configuration > Report Database Connection,Enter the new SQL Server details and Update

  • Close the CCS Console and relaunch it to make sure it is functional again.
  • Secondly, you can also make use of the utility "Symantec.CSM.ConfigureServiceAccount.exe" located <Install Dir>:\Program Files (x86)\Symantec\CCS\Reporting and Analytics\Application Server
    1. Select the option Change Service Account, click Next.
    2. Then select Application Server Service, click next.
    3. Put the existing Service Account Information as it is, click next.
    4. Then put the Passphrase for the Application Server Service and Encryption Management Service.
    5. In the next screen put the updated details of the SQL Server and check the box "Use same for Reporting" if your reporting database "CSM_Reports" is also on the same SQL Server.
    6. Click Next, Finish
  • Then restart all the CCS Services and relaunch the CCS Console to check it's functionality.