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Unable to connect to the Web Gateway's HTTP/S Proxy port


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Web Gateway


A web browser is unable to connect to the Symantec Web Gateway (SWG) proxy port but HTTP/S Proxy is enabled in SWG proxy configuration.

SWG UI does not display any error message but users are unable to connect to the SWG proxy port from web browsers. The browser may report Connection Refused.


There is no host name specified in the Inline Interface Name and the Management Interface Name in SWG UI > Administration > Configuration > Network, or the hostname provided does not have an A record in the DNS server(s) that SWG is set to use.


The problem should be resolved after specifying a host name in the network configuration for Inline and Management interface that corresponds to an A record on the local DNS server(s).

Once a proper host name is added to each interface, please go to Administration > Configuration > Proxy page and uncheck "Enable HTTP/S Proxy" and click Save.

Once saved, recheck the "Enable HTTP/S Proxy" option on and click on Save.