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Issues with Task Server functionality after repair or upgrade if Task Server is installed on Notification Server


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IT Management Suite


If you have Task Server installed on Notification Server, the problems occur in following cases:

  1. Task Server will not work after the Notification Server repair
  2. If, before the upgrade, you delete task server services (“Altiris Host Data Object” and “Client Task Data Loader”) from Notification Server, Task Server will not work after the upgrade to a newer version

Note that the remote Task Servers are not affected.

The following warnings appear in the log: “There are no registered Task Services on the SMP. This is expected in case of new SMP installation..


Uninstall Task Server from Notification Server and then re-install it.

If the problem appeared after the upgrade, you must also restart the “Altiris Host Data Object” and “Client Task Data Loader” services.