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HOWTO: How to block / allow specific languages in Symantec Messaging Gateway (SMG-SP) 10.5


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Messaging Gateway for Service Providers


You want to know how to block / allow messages in specific languages.


By default, spam detection by languages is disabled. bmiconfig.xml should be manually updated to allow / block specific languages.

Languages which can be identified by languageid

Language shorthand
Chinese zh
Dutch nl
English en
French fr
German de
Italian it
Japanese ja
Korean ko
Portuguese pt
Russian ru
Spanish es

How to enable language detection

  1. Open bmiconfig.xml (by default stored under /opt/symantec/smg-sp/Scanner/etc), find the following stanzas and enable them.

    <includeUserPolicy name="Allowed Blocked Languages" enabled="true"/>

    <service name="language" enabled="true" expired="false">

    <module xsi:type="languageModuleType" name="liblanguageid" enabled="true" critical="false" profiling="false">

    <filtering_policy name="static-blockedlang" desc="static blocked language" type="language" visible="false" enabled="true">
  2. Find the stanza allowedBlockedLanguages.
  3. To allow specific languages only, add enabled="true"type="allowed" and <language>language shorthand</language> under allowedBlockedLanguages stanza.
    The following is the example which allows messages in Japanese only and blocks messages in any other languages.

    <allowedBlockedLanguages enabled="true" type="allowed">
  4. To block specific languages, add enabled="true"type="blocked" and <language>language shorthand</language> under <allowedBlockedLanguages> stanza.
    The following is the example which blocks English messages but to allow all other languages.

    <allowedBlockedLanguages enabled="true" type="blocked">

  5. To apply the bmiconfig.xml settings, either restart the appropriate server or kick the server.

    For example:

    On Windows systems, type the following command:

        <path>\Scanner\bin\kicker.exe -s BMISERVERSVC

    On UNIX systems, type the following command:

        <path>/Scanner/bin/kicker path/Scanner/etc/bmiconfig.xml path/Scanner/jobs/bmserver/

  6. The following is the sample log which is detected by language service (bmserver is at INFO level):

    A message from <[email protected]> source <external> to <[email protected]> using recipient's group policy <Default> returned Disposition: <blockedlang> triggering filtering policy <static blocked language> with destination <>.

    Languages added as Blocked, or languages not added as allowed will trigger the Disposition blockedlang and by the filtering policy static blocked language.