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Windows PE is unable to see or access the mass storage controller you want to perform an imaging operation on


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Deployment Solution


After adding the correct mass storage controller drivers to your Windows PE boot disk, Windows PE PXE boot package, or Windows PE automation partition, you find that Windows PE (and GHOST) are unable to access the storage controllers.  

Windows Diskpart is unable to see the drive that you need to perform imaging operations on.


The driver that you have added to your pre-boot package may not be compatible with the version of Windows PE that you are using.  


Review the driver INF file that you added to your pre-boot package and make sure that it contains the correct PNP Device ID information that is specific to your mass storage controller.  If it does not, you will need to reach out to the manufacturer of the driver to request one that is compatible with the version of Windows PE that you are using. 

Symantec will not be able to perform any modifications required to a driver file to correct this incompatibility.