IDMS Release 20?
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IDMS Release 20?


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The current release of IDMS is 19.0.  Will there be a release 20, and when is it expected to be available?


Release: Relevant to any release.
Component: IDMS


Starting with release 19.0, an "Incremental Release" concept has been used where all new features were added by publishing PTFs.

These PTFs are documented at New Features. The vast majority of them are provided for r19.0 only - not for prior releases (e.g. r18.5).

The model currently being used is the Incremental model where features are released for the current release as they become available. This does not mean there will never be a new IDMS release such as Release 20. If circumstances required it, an entirely new version may be released, but at present there are no plans for such a release.